Saturday, May 22, 2010

The current object of my affection

Keyword: object.  But before I clarify that, allow me to begin by injecting a little continuity into this blog.  I just posted about polka dots and my undying love for them, but my love is so large, it won't fit in one tiny post, so here is another.  Also, be warned that my love is so large, in fact, many future posts may be written on this subject in order to fully explore its magnitude.  Have I lost you?  Don't worry, the continuity will never last.  If you don't like polka dots (sacrilegious as that may be), I'm sure my next post will be sufficiently schizophrenic to appease you.

Ah, and before I forget, this is the object of my affection, which is not to be confused with the love of my life.  More on him later.  On to the glorious object.

This is one of the most agonizingly cute little dresses I have ever seen.  It comes to you courtesy of my favorite clothing site, ModCloth.  If you have any interest in vintage-inspired clothing, I challenge you to visit this site and not come away lusting after something you have found, or downright addicted to ModCloth, in its entirety.

I have been waiting for this dress to come back in stock for weeks.  When it was first put on the site, it sold out before I could even get my credit card out of my wallet.  Okay, that's a slight exaggeration and only serves to illustrate the point that it sold out very quickly.  Like I'd actually need to get my credit card out of my wallet to order something online.  Of course I have the number, expiration date, and security code of my credit card memorized.  What?  You don't?  Oh, umm... forget I said that.

Back to the fascinating saga of the dress.  ModCloth has this handy little feature that allows you to sign up for email notifications when something, after which you are lusting particularly keenly, comes back in stock.  I use this often and have even been known to make two orders (with two times the shipping charges) in one day because two things I needed came back in stock that day.  So I signed up to be notified when this transcendent creation of a dress came back in stock.  And so it was that, several weeks later, ModCloth sent me an email, happily informing me that the dress was back in stock.  However, this serendipitous little nugget of knowledge was sent while I was on my way home from work one evening, and, because I spend all day at work reading and sending emails, I don't always run to check them when I get home.  Thus, the email went unread until I crawled into bed with my iPad that evening.  And all within the span of less than 1 minute, the miracle of the email notification lifted my spirits to soar among the clouds and promptly dashed them on the rocks below.  My beloved dress was out of stock again.

So it's back to waiting and lusting, lusting and waiting.  But, being ever the optimist, I know I'll get my hands on that swath of polka dot sunshine someday... at which point the cynical side tells me it won't fit.

Polka Dot Problem

I have a polka dot problem. Most acutely, a black and white, polka dot dress problem. My closet is full of them, and I can never seem to get enough. Anytime I see one in the store, a pre-programmed "oooh" burbles out of my mouth, and I physically cannot move on without first stopping for a closer look. I'm so sure that if I can just cram my closet full of every adorable polka dot dress I find, it will result in eternal happiness. Not to delude myself further, but I do instantly feel happier when I wear any of my polka dot dresses. I don't think anyone can argue that they aren't the essence of cheerful.

But it's not just dresses; I am inexorably drawn to anything with dots: bags, luggage, sheet sets, shoes, tights, rain boots, umbrellas, coats, couches, rugs, wallpaper, those awesome wall decals, ties, dishes, blog backgrounds (insert sheepish grin), and even food. Who could pass up a polka dot cupcake?

I'm pretty sure polka dots simply make everything better.