Saturday, May 22, 2010

Polka Dot Problem

I have a polka dot problem. Most acutely, a black and white, polka dot dress problem. My closet is full of them, and I can never seem to get enough. Anytime I see one in the store, a pre-programmed "oooh" burbles out of my mouth, and I physically cannot move on without first stopping for a closer look. I'm so sure that if I can just cram my closet full of every adorable polka dot dress I find, it will result in eternal happiness. Not to delude myself further, but I do instantly feel happier when I wear any of my polka dot dresses. I don't think anyone can argue that they aren't the essence of cheerful.

But it's not just dresses; I am inexorably drawn to anything with dots: bags, luggage, sheet sets, shoes, tights, rain boots, umbrellas, coats, couches, rugs, wallpaper, those awesome wall decals, ties, dishes, blog backgrounds (insert sheepish grin), and even food. Who could pass up a polka dot cupcake?

I'm pretty sure polka dots simply make everything better.

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